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Adele Jackson-Gibson: Where Science and Spirituality Intersect [23]

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Adele Jackson-Gibson has found success as a fitness coach and model, as well as an accomplished career in sports journalism. She earned degrees from some of the country’s top universities. Before this, she was having a great life and didn’t feel a need for spirituality to be a part of it. Adele started looking into self-help books and researching how leaders and thinkers were finding their path. The theme of spirituality kept coming up. Then, she thought to herself, “If these people have a spiritual life, maybe, so should I.”

Adele started out in a spiritual setting where faith traditions are put into historical context. The people were cool, but she felt admittedly bored. Her and her partner, (now fiancé, congratulations, Adele), attended a New Thought church. There she expanded her spiritual thought and experience. Next, she continued her research and read more and more books. Adele Jackson-Gibson realized, the same questions theologians and spiritual seekers ponder, often overlap with questions physicists and other types of scientists ask too.

As a healer, whose work centers around the body, the more Adele understands the connection between body and spirit, the more she may be of service. So, we hope you enjoy the insightful conversation we have on this episode!

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Now, for the People Need to Know this week, Betty recommends “The Politician,” a series airing currently on Netflix. Adele suggests the comedy movie, “Booksmart,” which can be watched on Hulu. Alé strongly advises that anyone who wants to become more familiar with challenges adoptees face, check out “Not Your Orphan,” on YouTube.

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