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Margie Mays: Dreams Come True, Just Burp at Katy Perry [24]

Text dream chasers and change makers website, the More to Margie Mays: Beyond her viral audition.  There is a picture of Margie at her American Idol audition with her hands up in triumph.

Margie Mays, remember her from her viral American Idol Audition? [If not watch here.] We fell in love with Margie’s quirky energy after seeing her video. Your DC&CM hosts agree with Katy Perry, she’s one of the greatest people we’ve met! We are so glad we got to talk to her and hear her back story. It was SO not what we were expecting.

Sweet, energetic, Margie Mays grew up very shy and quiet, surrounded by academic family members. She towed the company line, as they say. Margie was quite the study bug and athlete, living by her dad’s message of, “Effort and attitude.” While working towards becoming the valedictorian of her high school class and excelling in sports, Margie had a secret dream. Singing was much more than a fun hobby.

Margie Mays as a toddler, in a baby pool shaking her fist.
Listen to hear the words of encouragement Margie would give her younger self!

After finishing her education at an Ivy league university, Margie Mays, could not shake her deep knowing that she belonged singing on a stage. After enrolling in music school she got a huge surprise that nearly destroyed her prospects at a musical career. We won’t spoil the episode, so make sure you listen to hear what happened next, and what Margie is up to these days.

The People Need to Know

Margie Mays, after graciously singing us an intro for “The People Need to Know,” gave us two movie recommendations. The first is “JoJo Rabbit,” current in theaters. Also, “Brittany Runs a Marathon,” available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Betty’s brother has an intellectual disability, which makes her recommendation close to her heart. She wants everyone to watch the show “Atypical,” which you can catch on Netflix.

Finally, Alé was blown away with the documentary, “Ask Dr. Ruth,” on Hulu. It is truly an amazing story of a dream chaser and change maker.

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