Podcast Episode

Diana Foster: Wayward & Foster’s Home for Pets & Children [13]

Title: Pride:  A Family Affair.  We talk to Diana Foster on being in a lesbian relationship and raising a transgender son.  Diana, is looking at the camera . with two black cats beside her.  The LGBT Pride flag is used as filter for the image.

Diana Foster has had people make assumptions about who she is her entire life. They assume her her race, her sexuality, and more. Now she is called to be a fierce protector of the most vulnerable in our society. Not only is she the badass mama to her three kids, additionally, she opens her home to foster children, others deem “hard to manage,” and a host of misfit pets. Diana, talks about foster care, race, and sexuality, as well as being the mother to a transgender child. Find Diana, on instagram, at @yourmamadressesfunny and her son Charlie’s art page at @cats_can_art.

Now, the people need to know for this week include the hilarious television series “Schitt’s Creek.” Also, a recommendation to introduce overalls into your wardrobe in all their glorious forms. Lastly, a movie called “Second Act,” starring Jennifer Lopez. (Alé loves this movie because it links back to her adoption story which you can hear in Episode 6.) You can follow Alé and Betty on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, all under the handle @dcandcm.