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Conversations w/ Your Inner Child: Celebrating our 21st Episode & Pride Month!

On most of our episodes we talk to each other or our guests about childhood. We wonder what we might tell that child. Then Alé was watching an episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” where Ru had the contestants speak to a picture of themselves as a child. Betty and Alé decided to come up with a new set of questions for episodes going forward and decided to borrow this exercise from Ru. So we will have a new segment called, “Conversations with Your Inner Child.”

This is the photo Alé used to have a conversation with her inner child.   She is approx 3 years old.  She  is wearing blue sunglasses, a pink tank top, and pink polka dot shorts.  She  is seating at the kitchen table.
Alé Age 3

If Our Inner Child Could See us Now! Reflecting on our favorite Episodes

Additionally, Betty and Alé reflected on the episodes that impacted them the most. Which ones stuck on their guts, and they wished everyone would hear immediately. They agreed the episodes where guests spoke the loudest truths and were the most vulnerable were amongst the most powerful. Betty chose Episode 20, a conversation we had with Billye Jones, about how we all play a part in the perpetrating or prevention of childhood sexual abuse. She gave us insight in to ways we can interact with the children in our lives to prevent abuse. Also, we outlined this information in a blog post, here. Betty also loves Episode 4, with Aly Trudeau, where she recounts her experience with having an abortion, and why it is so important we talk about the topic as a means to relinquish shame and the taboo nature of the topic.

Alé also had two favorite episodes. She thinks Episode 18, is a great one to listen to because it highlights some of the most impactful host and guest moments on the show. If you are a new listener it’s a great place to start to see what DC&CM is all about and see which episodes you might like to binge. She also chose Episode 12, with personal trainer, holistic wellness coach, and MSW, Lisa Schlosberg. In that episode Lisa, has personally lost and kept of 150 pounds outlines her research on what it means to be truly healthy. We won’t give you the secret here, but hint hint, it’s not diet and exercise. What Lisa had to say really resonated with Alé, as someone who struggles with body acceptance and body image issues.

The People Need to Know – Episode 21 [Conversations with Your Inner Child]

The people need to know for this week include a continued endorsement of “When They See Us,” they story of the Exonerated Five, formerly known as the Central Park 5. Also, in the vein of celebrating Pride Month, an amazingly casted and produced show about the lives of the gay and trans people in the late 80’s ballroom scene, “Pose,” season 1 available on Netflix, and season two available on FX. Finally, “The Bad Kids,” a documentary on Netflix about an alternative high school in California where they believe autonomy, love, and compassion is the best model for student success.

The photo is a collage of pictures of Kevin and Alé's friendship.  Kevin, not given the opportunity to heal his traumas and make peace with his inner child, died unexpectedly in 2016.  This episode is dedicated to him.
Honoring Kevin Gaffney

The people need to know about Kevin Gaffney, for whom this episode was dedicated. Kevin was a gay man with a physical disability, who never got the opportunity to heal his inner child. Kevin was Alé’s best friend and passed away in 2016. Although, on the surface he was full of life, hilarious, and fabulously inappropriate, his struggles to find love for himself in a world that can be cruel and dismissive, caused him to lose his life. This Pride Month and every month, we use Kevin’s life to remind us be empathetic, to be welcoming, and to be absolutely fabulous.

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