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Teresa Maranzano: Not a Yoga Barbie-Body Positive Yoga . [25]

Teresa Maranzano is seated in a prayer yoga pose.  The title reads "Using Your Body to Change the World With Teresa Maranzano; Podcast Episode Listen Now."  The Dream Chasers and Changmakers Logo is on the Bottom.

Teresa Maranzano was a beautiful child in her Catholic school jumper, asking god, “Why me, why this body?” In this episode of DC&CM, Teresa talks about unlearning what society tells us about our bodies. Teresa calls it “re-parenting” yourself. She asks listeners to challenge negative thoughts about our bodies and more. We can simply do this by asking, “Who told you that?” “Where did that message come from?”

Teresa lives in a bigger body, a social worker, a speaker on eating disorders, and conquering another dream. She is currently in an accessible yoga teacher training. Years prior, Teresa Maranzano believed she’d have to lose weight in order to achieve her dream of making change in lives of others. She learned that is simply not true. Also, by doing the work she does in the body she lives, she is an agent for change.

By putting herself out there and building a platform she is showing her clients and the world, that joy, amazing life experiences, and advocating for others does not have a size limit. Through her yoga teaching training, she is building a new relationship with herself and her body. She wants us to know that you don’t need to have any particular body, yoga clothes, or an expensive mat to get the spiritual and physical intended benefits of this practice.

We hope you enjoy this conversation, and it awakens an urge in you to question the messages you have received that no longer serve you. Additionally, please subscribe to the show where you listen to podcasts. We would also love you tell a friend about us.

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The People Need to Know

Teresa recommends following her yoga teacher and fellow body positive yoga practitioner Amber Karnes, @amberkarnesofficial. Also, she suggests getting “Accessible Yoga,” a book by Jivana Heyman.

Alé believes this episode pairs very nicely with episode 12, a conversation with Lisa Schlosberg. Additionally, if you’d like to see the picture she references in the episode check her out on instagram, @alexandra_mc88.