Podcast Episode

Ep 16: Dream Chasers need a Little Crazy w/ Ryan Cole

Title:  An interview with Emmy award winner Ryan Cole.  Black and white image of black filmmaker, who gets brave and vulnerable on the podcast.  Dream Chasers and Change Makers logo on the bottom.

Ryan Cole has been a filmmaker for over fifteen years, has one many awards, including an Emmy. However, it almost didn’t happen for him, he almost quit before his journey even started. Ryan has is used to being one of the only black people in a white spaces, but when he attended New York Film Academy’s six week filmmaking program, he was literally the only student of color. Hear about that story and more of Ryan journey in this very motivational episode about what it takes to connect to your fellow man, the importance of teamwork, and how no achieves their dreams overnight or alone. The people need to know for this episode are two books, “Outliers,” by Malcom Gladwell, “Maybe You Never Cry Again,” by Bernie Mac, a Will Smith Movie, “Seven Pounds,” and a new Hulu series, “Ramy.” You can follow Ryan on Instagram and Twitter. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest under the handle @dcandcm.