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Teresa Maranzano: Not a Yoga Barbie-Body Positive Yoga . [25]

Teresa Maranzano is seated in a prayer yoga pose.  The title reads "Using Your Body to Change the World With Teresa Maranzano; Podcast Episode Listen Now."  The Dream Chasers and Changmakers Logo is on the Bottom.

Teresa Maranzano was a beautiful child in her Catholic school jumper, asking god, “Why me, why this body?” In this episode of DC&CM, Teresa talks about unlearning what society tells us about our bodies. Teresa calls it “re-parenting” yourself. She asks listeners to challenge negative thoughts about our bodies and more. We can simply do this by asking, “Who told you that?” “Where did that message come from?”

Teresa lives in a bigger body, a social worker, a speaker on eating disorders, and conquering another dream. She is currently in an accessible yoga teacher training. Years prior, Teresa Maranzano believed she’d have to lose weight in order to achieve her dream of making change in lives of others. She learned that is simply not true. Also, by doing the work she does in the body she lives, she is an agent for change.

By putting herself out there and building a platform she is showing her clients and the world, that joy, amazing life experiences, and advocating for others does not have a size limit. Through her yoga teaching training, she is building a new relationship with herself and her body. She wants us to know that you don’t need to have any particular body, yoga clothes, or an expensive mat to get the spiritual and physical intended benefits of this practice.

We hope you enjoy this conversation, and it awakens an urge in you to question the messages you have received that no longer serve you. Additionally, please subscribe to the show where you listen to podcasts. We would also love you tell a friend about us.

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The People Need to Know

Teresa recommends following her yoga teacher and fellow body positive yoga practitioner Amber Karnes, @amberkarnesofficial. Also, she suggests getting “Accessible Yoga,” a book by Jivana Heyman.

Alé believes this episode pairs very nicely with episode 12, a conversation with Lisa Schlosberg. Additionally, if you’d like to see the picture she references in the episode check her out on instagram, @alexandra_mc88.

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Margie Mays: Dreams Come True, Just Burp at Katy Perry [24]

Text dream chasers and change makers website, the More to Margie Mays: Beyond her viral audition.  There is a picture of Margie at her American Idol audition with her hands up in triumph.

Margie Mays, remember her from her viral American Idol Audition? [If not watch here.] We fell in love with Margie’s quirky energy after seeing her video. Your DC&CM hosts agree with Katy Perry, she’s one of the greatest people we’ve met! We are so glad we got to talk to her and hear her back story. It was SO not what we were expecting.

Sweet, energetic, Margie Mays grew up very shy and quiet, surrounded by academic family members. She towed the company line, as they say. Margie was quite the study bug and athlete, living by her dad’s message of, “Effort and attitude.” While working towards becoming the valedictorian of her high school class and excelling in sports, Margie had a secret dream. Singing was much more than a fun hobby.

Margie Mays as a toddler, in a baby pool shaking her fist.
Listen to hear the words of encouragement Margie would give her younger self!

After finishing her education at an Ivy league university, Margie Mays, could not shake her deep knowing that she belonged singing on a stage. After enrolling in music school she got a huge surprise that nearly destroyed her prospects at a musical career. We won’t spoil the episode, so make sure you listen to hear what happened next, and what Margie is up to these days.

The People Need to Know

Margie Mays, after graciously singing us an intro for “The People Need to Know,” gave us two movie recommendations. The first is “JoJo Rabbit,” current in theaters. Also, “Brittany Runs a Marathon,” available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Betty’s brother has an intellectual disability, which makes her recommendation close to her heart. She wants everyone to watch the show “Atypical,” which you can catch on Netflix.

Finally, Alé was blown away with the documentary, “Ask Dr. Ruth,” on Hulu. It is truly an amazing story of a dream chaser and change maker.

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Adele Jackson-Gibson: Where Science and Spirituality Intersect [23]

A photo of Adele Jackson-Gibson, an African American woman with green eyes.  She is smiling at the camera.  The Dream Chasers and Change Makers Logo is at the bottom right hand corner.  On the Left the text reads: How understanding science and spirit can help us heal, with Adele Jackson-Gibson, Podcast Episode, Listen Now.

Adele Jackson-Gibson has found success as a fitness coach and model, as well as an accomplished career in sports journalism. She earned degrees from some of the country’s top universities. Before this, she was having a great life and didn’t feel a need for spirituality to be a part of it. Adele started looking into self-help books and researching how leaders and thinkers were finding their path. The theme of spirituality kept coming up. Then, she thought to herself, “If these people have a spiritual life, maybe, so should I.”

Adele started out in a spiritual setting where faith traditions are put into historical context. The people were cool, but she felt admittedly bored. Her and her partner, (now fiancé, congratulations, Adele), attended a New Thought church. There she expanded her spiritual thought and experience. Next, she continued her research and read more and more books. Adele Jackson-Gibson realized, the same questions theologians and spiritual seekers ponder, often overlap with questions physicists and other types of scientists ask too.

As a healer, whose work centers around the body, the more Adele understands the connection between body and spirit, the more she may be of service. So, we hope you enjoy the insightful conversation we have on this episode!

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Now, for the People Need to Know this week, Betty recommends “The Politician,” a series airing currently on Netflix. Adele suggests the comedy movie, “Booksmart,” which can be watched on Hulu. Alé strongly advises that anyone who wants to become more familiar with challenges adoptees face, check out “Not Your Orphan,” on YouTube.

Finally, thanks for listening to our conversation with Adele. Remember to subscribe & review and please tell a friend about us!

Change Makers, Podcast Episode

Briana Banos: From Dancer, To Near Death, To Documentarian (Ep 22)

To the left Briana Bano's stand with her hands in the air, wearing a Tshirt with her logo for her Film, Preventable, Protecting Our Largest Organ, about Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW).  The Text reads, "A conversation with Briana Banos: A Fierce Advocate With a Story You're Going to Want to Hear."

Briana Banos’ life changed due to Red Skin Syndrome (RSS), a condition caused by topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). Before, she was professional dancer and newlywed with a world of possibilities in front of her. Briana never imagined that her pesky eczema would change her life’s path.

Briana Banos, bed ridden, with shaved head, and face wrapped in bandages due to her Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) caused by Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW)

Briana followed her doctors’ orders and applied steroid cream to her itchy skin and eventually found it was actually making it worse. To her surprise, stopping the steroid led to inflamed and oozing skin and tremendous pain. Unable to find relief, she took to Google, and found she was not alone. Reading the symptoms, she discovered that her condition matched a condition called Red Skin Syndrome, and she was not alone.

A once very active person, a person who loved to make people smile, Briana’s felt suffering alone and mindlessly binge watching television was not the most she could make out of her life. She began documenting her journey of Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) on YouTube. Briana found a network of other people also dealing with the effects of Red Skin Syndrome. She also learned that the most medical community were not recognizing their condition as real. In the spirit of Briana Banos, she felt she could do more to spread awareness.

Preventable: Protecting Your Largest Organ, A Film by Briana Banos

Despite still very much dealing with her own painful symptoms of RSS, Briana Banos, in true dream chaser fashion, and no professional filmmaking education, set out to make a documentary. She fundraised, and was in awe of the support she received through fundraising, a not of approval from International Topical Steroid Addiction Network, (ITSAN), and the National Eczema Association.

Logo for the Documentary Film by Briana Banos, called Preventable: Protecting Our Largest Organ.  The film sheds awareness on Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) caused by Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW)

Briana Banos, one woman film crew, flew not only around the country but around the globe. She talked to families affected by RSS and TSW and heard their stories. She interviewed medical professionals that were not only agreeing that this is real- but providing treatment to patients. You can view Briana’s documentary here, for free.

Connect with Briana Banos and DC&CM/The People Need to Know

You can find Briana on her instagram page for the film, @Preventable_Doc, or on her YouTube channel, here. For the People Need to Know, she suggests Brené Brown’s Netflix Special, A Call to Courage. In addition, she recommends Ruthie Lindsey’s instagram, @RuthieLindsey.

For the first time in DC&CM history, Betty and Alé share the same People Need to Know. They HIGHLY recommend Meggan Watterson’s masterpiece of a book, “Mary Magdalene Revealed: The First Apostle, Her Feminist Gospel & the Christianity We Haven’t Tried.” Purchase, here. Also, Alé recommends Meggan’s free meditiation, Prayer of the Heart, which you can listen to here on Apple Podcasts, or search wherever you listen to Podcasts.

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Conversations w/ Your Inner Child: Celebrating our 21st Episode & Pride Month!

On most of our episodes we talk to each other or our guests about childhood. We wonder what we might tell that child. Then Alé was watching an episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” where Ru had the contestants speak to a picture of themselves as a child. Betty and Alé decided to come up with a new set of questions for episodes going forward and decided to borrow this exercise from Ru. So we will have a new segment called, “Conversations with Your Inner Child.”

This is the photo Alé used to have a conversation with her inner child.   She is approx 3 years old.  She  is wearing blue sunglasses, a pink tank top, and pink polka dot shorts.  She  is seating at the kitchen table.
Alé Age 3

If Our Inner Child Could See us Now! Reflecting on our favorite Episodes

Additionally, Betty and Alé reflected on the episodes that impacted them the most. Which ones stuck on their guts, and they wished everyone would hear immediately. They agreed the episodes where guests spoke the loudest truths and were the most vulnerable were amongst the most powerful. Betty chose Episode 20, a conversation we had with Billye Jones, about how we all play a part in the perpetrating or prevention of childhood sexual abuse. She gave us insight in to ways we can interact with the children in our lives to prevent abuse. Also, we outlined this information in a blog post, here. Betty also loves Episode 4, with Aly Trudeau, where she recounts her experience with having an abortion, and why it is so important we talk about the topic as a means to relinquish shame and the taboo nature of the topic.

Alé also had two favorite episodes. She thinks Episode 18, is a great one to listen to because it highlights some of the most impactful host and guest moments on the show. If you are a new listener it’s a great place to start to see what DC&CM is all about and see which episodes you might like to binge. She also chose Episode 12, with personal trainer, holistic wellness coach, and MSW, Lisa Schlosberg. In that episode Lisa, has personally lost and kept of 150 pounds outlines her research on what it means to be truly healthy. We won’t give you the secret here, but hint hint, it’s not diet and exercise. What Lisa had to say really resonated with Alé, as someone who struggles with body acceptance and body image issues.

The People Need to Know – Episode 21 [Conversations with Your Inner Child]

The people need to know for this week include a continued endorsement of “When They See Us,” they story of the Exonerated Five, formerly known as the Central Park 5. Also, in the vein of celebrating Pride Month, an amazingly casted and produced show about the lives of the gay and trans people in the late 80’s ballroom scene, “Pose,” season 1 available on Netflix, and season two available on FX. Finally, “The Bad Kids,” a documentary on Netflix about an alternative high school in California where they believe autonomy, love, and compassion is the best model for student success.

The photo is a collage of pictures of Kevin and Alé's friendship.  Kevin, not given the opportunity to heal his traumas and make peace with his inner child, died unexpectedly in 2016.  This episode is dedicated to him.
Honoring Kevin Gaffney

The people need to know about Kevin Gaffney, for whom this episode was dedicated. Kevin was a gay man with a physical disability, who never got the opportunity to heal his inner child. Kevin was Alé’s best friend and passed away in 2016. Although, on the surface he was full of life, hilarious, and fabulously inappropriate, his struggles to find love for himself in a world that can be cruel and dismissive, caused him to lose his life. This Pride Month and every month, we use Kevin’s life to remind us be empathetic, to be welcoming, and to be absolutely fabulous.

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20: How We Can End Childhood Sexual Abuse w/ Billye Jones, LCSW

Title, Ending Childhood Sexual Abuse, for good: an Important Conversation with, LCSW, Billye Jones.  Listen Now.  A photo of Billye with a pink filter on the right hand-side.  dream chasers and change makers website appears at the bottom.

Parents and those and those closest to the youngest members of our society do all they can to protect the health and safety of children. We don’t like to think about the possibility of the children we love being at risk for sexual abuse. The fact is, the threat is real. 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 3 boys will be sexually abused by their 18th birthday. The good news is there are things we can all do to end it, forever. We interviewed Billye Jones, an expert and leader in the movement of childhood sexual abuse treatment prevention.

Learn 5 tips to prevent sexual abuse and what the process of grooming looks like, which is a process that abusers use to identify and perpetrate against victims. Additionally, she talks about how she moved through the social work profession, her own loss that led her to a social worker who changed her life, and how she became a powerful voice in the fight against childhood sexual abuse.

People Need to Know for this episode include, the memoir, “Becoming,” by First Lady Michelle Obama. Also, the Netflix series, “When They See Us,” by Ava DuVernay. Finally, Betty’s mom’s new book! You can learn more about Billye and her work on Facebook, or her website. You can follow DC&CM on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Furthermore, read about about Billye’s five childhood sexual abuse prevention tips, here. Please do not forget to rate, review, and subscribe. Thank you for listening, and learning this necessary information about ending childhood sexual abuse.

Mental Health, Podcast Episode

Ep 19: Eating Disorder and Addiction Recovery Through Storytelling With Jessica Gardner

Dream Chasers and Change Makers How Storytelling and an Israeli Psych Ward Saved my Life with Jessica Gardner.  Jess tells her story of recovery from an eating disorder and addiction.

[Content Warning: This episode contains discussion of an eating disorder with specific weights and calorie amounts mentioned and talk of suicide attempts.] Jessica Gardner felt empty and confused as an adopted child, she was diagnosed with learning disabilities and .heavily medicated. Then the bullying began. The one thing she could control was her weight, and at least the kids wouldn’t bully her about that. Jessica’s eating disorder led her to depression and anxiety, and she found herself numbing with drugs and alcohol. Her first time in inpatient rehab was not her last, however, in her first treatment center, a seed was planted. She knew if she recovered she would share her story and she has with us in this episode. The people need to know information for this episode include the book “Signals” Joel Rothschild, an instagram post asking influencers to tell the truth about their bodies from Sierra Neilson, and the Instagram account @i_weigh. You can follow Jessica Gardner on Instagram @littlechronicwarrior. If you would like to hear about Alé’s time in mental health treatment go back and listen to Episode 3, Bravely Vulnerable. You can join the DC&CM community on social media on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, under the handle @dcandcm.

Podcast Episode

Ep 18: The Influence of Brené Brown on DC&CM – A Clip Show!

Title: A look back at our episode through the lens of Brené Brown's research.  A clip show featuring our  brave and vulnerable guests from  the dream chasers and change makers podcast.

This month Alé graduated NYU with her MSW. Our girl has mentioned Brené Brown about a million times, everyone’s favorite celebrity social worker. In this episode, we look back at past episodes and see how your hosts and our guests have shared on topics related to Dr. Brown’s social work research, such as shame, vulnerability, being brave with your life, and the power of connection and true belonging. We have talked to people from all walks of life including a filmmaker, a trans identified true crime writer, a former sex worker, a woman who had an abortion, a young lady who left her isolated and fundamentalist Catholic home, and many other dream chasers and change makers. We have found that our stories prove we are all connected and therefore belong to each other. If you aren’t a Brené Brown fan yet, we hope you will be after the episode! Follow DC&CM on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all under the handle @dcandcm.

Podcast Episode

Ep 17: I am the CEO of my Vagina w/ Former Sex Worker, Marlee Garza

How sex work saved my life.  Marlee Garza gets vulnerable on the podcast and opens up about her experience as an escort.   Image of Marlee smiling with the dream chasers and change makers logo.

[Content Warning: Sexual Abuse, Explicit conversation around Sex] Marlee Garza, a single mother of three found herself on the verge of homelessness. She found sex work as way to make end meets for her family, and marketed herself as a MILF seductress named Sandhal. People need to know for this episode include two shows on Freeform, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists and Siren, a show on Netflix called “On my Block,” and two podcasts called “Girls on Porn,” and “The Oldest Profession.” You can buy Marlee’s book “White Envelopes,” on Amazon. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram and support her art on Red Bubble, her stuff is super cute, so check it out! Follow DC&CM on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, all under the handle @dcandcm.

Podcast Episode

Ep 16: Dream Chasers need a Little Crazy w/ Ryan Cole

Title:  An interview with Emmy award winner Ryan Cole.  Black and white image of black filmmaker, who gets brave and vulnerable on the podcast.  Dream Chasers and Change Makers logo on the bottom.

Ryan Cole has been a filmmaker for over fifteen years, has one many awards, including an Emmy. However, it almost didn’t happen for him, he almost quit before his journey even started. Ryan has is used to being one of the only black people in a white spaces, but when he attended New York Film Academy’s six week filmmaking program, he was literally the only student of color. Hear about that story and more of Ryan journey in this very motivational episode about what it takes to connect to your fellow man, the importance of teamwork, and how no achieves their dreams overnight or alone. The people need to know for this episode are two books, “Outliers,” by Malcom Gladwell, “Maybe You Never Cry Again,” by Bernie Mac, a Will Smith Movie, “Seven Pounds,” and a new Hulu series, “Ramy.” You can follow Ryan on Instagram and Twitter. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest under the handle @dcandcm.

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[BONUS Minisode!] Snacks, Math, Weather, and Other Interesting Things w/ Layla D.

Layla is an aspiring weather person and is also talented at adding on her fingers. She has a passion for playing Robolox and practices self care by eating snacks while she plays her favorite game. In her nearly six years on this Earth, she has learned important lessons about love that we all need to be reminded of. People need to know for this episode a video game for big kids adults who like video games, called Robolox, a movie called “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” a movie and Netflix series, “Boss Baby,” and the Elephant and Piggie book series by Mo Willems. You can follow Dream Chasers and Change Makers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, all under the handle @dcandcm.

Podcast Episode

Ep 15: Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down w/ Nash Azarian

Title: An Interview with Nash Azarian: Trans and thriving.  Nash gets brave and vulnerable with us as he talks about life before and after coming out as transgender.  Image of Nash, a bearded man with his hand in his brown hair.

Content Warning: This episode does briefly mention a suicide attempt and intimate partner violence. Nash Azarian began his truest and most beautiful life six years ago when he began identifying as a transgender man and began to medically transition. Before that he lived a life identifying and presenting as a butch lesbian, and being both bullied and profiled for it. That led him to living a life where he was constantly victimized, and in turn became and angry standoffish person, so far from the warm person he truly is. Nash opens up about relationships, transitioning and complications that came along with it and so much more in this vulnerable and deep diving episode. The people need to know for this episode include novels, “Some Assembly Required,” by Arin Andrews, “Rethinking Normal,” by Katie Hill, “Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story,” by Jacob Tobia, “Small Great Things,” by Jodi Picoult, and the Transitional Wisdom Podcast. You can find Nash on Instagram @nashazarian. Additionally, follow Dream Chasers and Change Makers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, all under the handle @dcandcm.

Mental Health, Podcast Episode

Ep 14: Diagnosing Diane w/ Child Life Specialist Diane Morales

Child life specialist, Diane Morales spends her time helping young patients through the process of being in the hospital. She watches patient after patient being assessed, treated, and discharged. It was frustrating to her when she woke up one day with a mysterious and dull neck pain. No big deal though, until it wouldn’t go away, for years. Thus leading Diane into a journey of trying to deal with this pain, causing her to look into painful moments in her life, when she began to believe the pain could be somatic. Diane recounts the tragic death of two friends and one of the scariest days of her life. The people need to know for this episode include, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, by Amy Schumer, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation with Amy Schumer, and Candy Girl, by Diablo Cody. You can follow Diane on Instagram @adventuresinchildlife or check out her blog at adventuresinchildlife.com. Get involved with DC&CM community on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, under the handle @dcandcm.

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Diana Foster: Wayward & Foster’s Home for Pets & Children [13]

Title: Pride:  A Family Affair.  We talk to Diana Foster on being in a lesbian relationship and raising a transgender son.  Diana, is looking at the camera . with two black cats beside her.  The LGBT Pride flag is used as filter for the image.

Diana Foster has had people make assumptions about who she is her entire life. They assume her her race, her sexuality, and more. Now she is called to be a fierce protector of the most vulnerable in our society. Not only is she the badass mama to her three kids, additionally, she opens her home to foster children, others deem “hard to manage,” and a host of misfit pets. Diana, talks about foster care, race, and sexuality, as well as being the mother to a transgender child. Find Diana, on instagram, at @yourmamadressesfunny and her son Charlie’s art page at @cats_can_art.

Now, the people need to know for this week include the hilarious television series “Schitt’s Creek.” Also, a recommendation to introduce overalls into your wardrobe in all their glorious forms. Lastly, a movie called “Second Act,” starring Jennifer Lopez. (Alé loves this movie because it links back to her adoption story which you can hear in Episode 6.) You can follow Alé and Betty on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, all under the handle @dcandcm.

Manifest Your Best Life, Mental Health, Podcast Episode

Lisa Schlosberg: The Researched Based Secret to Wellness [12]

Text: Episode 12: Changing the Conversation around Weight loss, What LMSW,  Lisa Schlosberg Learned after Losing 150 pounds at lots of research.  DC&CM . A picture of Lisa in on the right.  A white woman with brown curly hair, wearing a white tank top.

Lisa Schlosberg weighed over 300 pounds at 17 years old. Since then she’s maintained a weight loss of 150 pounds, but her story and her message is not what you’d think. Lisa knew she deserved a better life, and diets were thrusting her into disordered eating. She never believed she had a lack of will power. She began to research about diets and weight loss, and the secret key to it all is not what what you’d expect. Lisa is now a certified health and wellness coach, personal trainer, and soon to be social worker.

Now, The People Need to Know for this week: Online Meditation Course By Emily Fletcher. Also, “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. Finally, Brené Brown’s video on empathy. You can follow Lisa Schlosberg on instagram @schlosfit. You can follow Dream Chasers and Change Makers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, all under the handle @dcandcm. If you’d like to hear more stories about eating disorders and recovery please check out Jess’ story in Episode 19.

Info for HS Students/Parents, Podcast Episode, The People Need to Know!

Stephanie Ros, OB/GYN A Better Sex Talk for You and Your Kids! [11]

Text: Episode 11: How to Have Better Sex Talks with Your Kids!  A Conversation with OB/GYN Dr. Ros.  www.dreamchasersandchangemakers.com.  A photo of Stephanie Ros is located at the left atop a purple background.

The lack of quality in the sex talk the majority of people get has left so many women seeing sex as function, when at its core, it’s meant to be fun. In this episode, Dr. Stephanie Ros delves into her journey with maternal fetal medicine, and also provides information about pleasurable sex, myths around pregnancy and birth, and how to educate young people about sex. This is not your mother’s sex talk.

Now, The people need to know for this week include: A novel called, “When Breath Becomes Air,” by Paul Kalinithi. Also, the Gypsy Rose Blanchard story, you can learn all about it by watching, “Mommy Dead and Dearest” on HBO, follow it by diving into, “The Act” on Hulu. Lastly, the board game, “Ticket to Ride.” If you’d like to follow Stephanie Ros, check out her Instagram. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest at @dcandcm. You can also email us using our connect page! For additional information on how to keep your children safe from sexual abuse please listen to Episode 20.

Podcast Episode

Ep 10: The Fourth Trimester We Don’t Talk About w/ Kelley Fraga

Kelley Fraga was afraid that if she shut her eyes and went to sleep her newborn would die. She went sometime without being able to recognize her irrational thoughts as postpartum depression and anxiety. In this episode, we discuss Kelley’s experience in her fourth trimester, the importance of a support system, mom-shaming, and the lack of access of mental health care for new moms and otherwise. If you or someone you know is struggling during postpartum, or what Kelley refers to as, “the fourth trimester” please check out Postpartum Support International, for resources. The People Need to Know for this episode include: two instagram pages, called 4th Trimester Bodies Project, and Ruby’s Rainbow, Ellen Page’s Viceland docuseries, Gaycation, and Pen15 on Hulu. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, all with the handle @dcandcm. The biggest way you can support us is by leaving a review, if you can, on your podcast app and tell a friend about us!

Podcast Episode

Ep 9: Fundi Facts w/ Michael Fundora

Michael Fundora has a degree in environmental science, after graduation his path took unexpected turns. In the episode Michael talks about his identity as a gay man in a Hispanic family, taking risks, and his experience as being a deeply feeling person. He talks about being painted in a one-dimensional light, as good-time party guy. The People Need to Know for this episode include, “Tidying Up,” a book by Marie Kondo, The Broke Millenial’s web-series, and a film called, “Eighth Grade.” If you enjoy the podcast, the greatest support you can give us is writing a review. Thank you!

Podcast Episode

Ep 8: Can I Speak to the Manager? I’m Pregnant.

Betty was ready to dump her boyfriend. Then she found out she was pregnant. She opens about what it was like to be a senior in college, pregnant, and in a toxic relationship. In the episode she discusses the lack of intimacy in her relationship during and after her pregnancy. She reveals the difficulty she had embracing the beauty early motherhood, and things like breastfeeding, because of her emotionally compromised partner. After discovering a huge secret and his escalating anger, Betty decided to leave. Listen to hear the full story. The People Need to Know: Alé recommends the TV show Shameless, available on Netflix and Showtime. Betty suggests the short YouTube Documentary: Camilla Cabello – Made in Miami.

Podcast Episode

Ep 7: We Can All Be Change Makers w/ Kristiana Tarnuzzer

Kristiana spent a lot of her life doing philanthropic work, founding charitable organizations, and being heavily involved in the world of giving back. Becoming a mother, moving with her family across country made living a life dedicated to social good more difficult. She felt confused and frustrated and knew she wasn’t alone, realizing many others may feel stuck when it comes to giving back. As a solution to this problem she founded The Cause Bar, an organization that links people to philanthropic events and socially conscious brands that fit into people’s lifestyle. The People Need to Know for this episode includes: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, a free meditation app called Insight Timer, and a hilarious Instagram page, @NathanWPyleStrangePlanet. Follow us across social media @dcandcm!

Podcast Episode

Ep 6: My Two Moms

Alé shares how she figured out she was adopted and what that was like for her. She explains how she dealt with her parents who were not forthcoming about it. Later, she shares the story of how she reunited with her biological family after a lifetime of not knowing anything about them. The details of this adoption story will have you drop your jaw and touch your heart. The people need to know include: Alé asks that DC and CM listeners make a contribution to Together Rising, for Betty and Alé’s March birthdays. Betty recommends “Workin’ Moms” on Netflix. We are @dcandcm across all social media, so join in the conversation of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Podcast Episode

Ep 5: People Assume I’m Effing Crazy w/ Amber Majid

In this episode Amber, pronounced umber, like number or cucumber, shares how her intense journey to radical self love after the devastation of her divorce. She talks about how her emotional pain manifested physically in her body. While healing from her split she went to the hospital with chest pains! After that she suffered terrible sciatic pain, until she found chiropractic. Amber is one strong and badass woman with a lot of strong opinions, she isn’t afraid to let us know it either. This is a fun and wild episode, if you enjoy it share it, and make sure you rate and review. Learn more about Amber- @drmajik or @mbrmjk

Podcast Episode

Ep 4: What’s a Day Maker & Can I be One? w/ Aly Trudeau

Aly, known in episode 3 as Betty’s hero, talks about making a decision in her teens that she feared could and end a friendship but wound up really saving a life. Aly stood firm in her decision then, and later in life she stood firm making another difficult decision, in taking charge of her own life. Aly shares her experience of leaving a toxic relationship and terminating a pregnancy. Things of the week in this episode include Betty’s recommendation to watch the show Parenthood, and Aly suggests a podcast called, “The Abortion Diaries.”

Podcast Episode

Ep 3: Bravely Vulnerable

Listener discretion advised. This episode includes discussions of sexual abuse, intimate partner violence and themes of suicide. There is also a ton of hope and joy and laughter, but it’s a heavy episode. Get to know the hosts of the show on a bravely intimate level. If you like the show please rate and review, it helps us tremendously. Connect with us on all social media @dcncmpod. Enjoy the episode.

Podcast Episode

Episode 2: Kind of in a Cult w/ Becca Levin

In our first guest interview, we talk to Becca, who shares the story of how she navigated her way out of a secluded upbringing. She tells us why and how she left the heavy influence a devoutly religious parent to find her own truth. Listen now to find how Becca went from being a little girl picketing outside women’s health clinics, to teaching kids from 6 to 60 to play music and rock on.

Podcast Episode

Ep 1: My Imaginary BFF, Oprah

In our first episode meet the hosts of Dream Chasers and Change Makers! We will set our intentions for the podcast, share what makes us tick and what breaks our heart. Don’t forget to comment what and leave a review tell us what change making work you are doing in your life and we will read it next time. (Social Media Accounts we love: @therealalexandrabillings and @kimamani)

Podcast Episode

So excited to start this journey!

Betty and I are in YouTube University’s podcasting bootcamp. We are in the process of learning the ropes to bring you a high-quality and captivating podcast. You will hear from extraordinary people as they share their stories of the windy roads it took to chase their dreams and make change in their lives and the lives of countless others. If you aren’t already, please make sure to follow us on Instagram.