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Ep 17: I am the CEO of my Vagina w/ Former Sex Worker, Marlee Garza

[Content Warning: Sexual Abuse, Explicit conversation around Sex] Marlee Garza, a single mother of three found herself on the verge of homelessness. She found sex work as way to make end meets for her family, and marketed herself as a MILF seductress named Sandhal. People need to know for this episode include two shows on Freeform, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists and Siren, a show on Netflix called “On my Block,” and two podcasts called “Girls on Porn,” and “The Oldest Profession.” You can buy Marlee’s book “White Envelopes,” on Amazon. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram and support her art on Red Bubble, her stuff is super cute, so check it out! Follow DC&CM on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, all under the handle @dcandcm.

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Ep 16: Dream Chasers need a Little Crazy w/ Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole has been a filmmaker for over fifteen years, has one many awards, including an Emmy. However, it almost didn’t happen for him, he almost quit before his journey even started. Ryan has is used to being one of the only black people in a white spaces, but when he attended New York Film Academy’s six week filmmaking program, he was literally the only student of color. Hear about that story and more of Ryan journey in this very motivational episode about what it takes to connect to your fellow man, the importance of teamwork, and how no achieves their dreams overnight or alone. The people need to know for this episode are two books, “Outliers,” by Malcom Gladwell, “Maybe You Never Cry Again,” by Bernie Mac, a Will Smith Movie, “Seven Pounds,” and a new Hulu series, “Ramy.” You can follow Ryan on Instagram and Twitter. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest under the handle @dcandcm.

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[BONUS Minisode!] Snacks, Math, Weather, and Other Interesting Things w/ Layla D.

Layla is an aspiring weather person and is also talented at adding on her fingers. She has a passion for playing Robolox and practices self care by eating snacks while she plays her favorite game. In her nearly six years on this Earth, she has learned important lessons about love that we all need to be reminded of. People need to know for this episode a video game for big kids adults who like video games, called Robolox, a movie called “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” a movie and Netflix series, “Boss Baby,” and the Elephant and Piggie book series by Mo Willems. You can follow Dream Chasers and Change Makers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, all under the handle @dcandcm.

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Ep 15: Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down w/ Nash Azarian

Content Warning: This episode does briefly mention a suicide attempt and intimate partner violence. Nash Azarian began his truest and most beautiful life six years ago when he began identifying as a transgender man and began to medically transition. Before that he lived a life identifying and presenting as a butch lesbian, and being both bullied and profiled for it. That led him to living a life where he was constantly victimized, and in turn became and angry standoffish person, so far from the warm person he truly is. Nash opens up about relationships, transitioning and complications that came along with it and so much more in this vulnerable and deep diving episode. The people need to know for this episode include novels, “Some Assembly Required,” by Arin Andrews, “Rethinking Normal,” by Katie Hill, “Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story,” by Jacob Tobia, “Small Great Things,” by Jodi Picoult, and the Transitional Wisdom Podcast. You can find Nash on Instagram @nashazarian. Additionally, follow Dream Chasers and Change Makers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, all under the handle @dcandcm.

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Ep 14: Diagnosing Diane w/ Child Life Specialist Diane Morales

Child life specialist, Diane Morales spends her time helping young patients through the process of being in the hospital. She watches patient after patient being assessed, treated, and discharged. It was frustrating to her when she woke up one day with a mysterious and dull neck pain. No big deal though, until it wouldn’t go away, for years. Thus leading Diane into a journey of trying to deal with this pain, causing her to look into painful moments in her life, when she began to believe the pain could be somatic. Diane recounts the tragic death of two friends and one of the scariest days of her life. The people need to know for this episode include, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, by Amy Schumer, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation with Amy Schumer, and Candy Girl, by Diablo Cody. You can follow Diane on Instagram @adventuresinchildlife or check out her blog at Get involved with DC&CM community on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, under the handle @dcandcm.

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Ep 13: Wayward and Foster’s Home for Pets and Children w/ Diana Foster

Diana Foster has had people make assumptions about who she is her entire life, about her race, her sexuality, and more. Now she is called to be a fierce protector of the most vulnerable in our society. Not only is she the badass mama to her three kids, she opens her home to foster children, others deem “hard to manage,” and a host of misfit pets. Diana, talks about foster care, race, and sexuality, as well as being the mother to a transgender child. Find Diana, on instagram, at @yourmamadressesfunny and her son Charlie’s art page at @cats_can_art. The people need to know for this week include the hilarious television series “Schitt’s Creek,” a recommendation to introduce overalls into your wardrobe in all their glorious forms, and a movie called “Second Act,” starring Jennifer Lopez. You can follow Alé and Betty on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, all under the handle @dcandcm.

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Ep 12: The Researched Based Secret to Wellness w/ Lisa Schlosberg

Lisa Schlosberg weighed over 300 pounds at 17 years old. Since then she’s maintained a weight loss of 150 pounds, but her story and her message is not what you’d think. Lisa knew she deserved a better life, and diets were thrusting her into disordered eating. She never believed she had a lack of will power. She began to research about diets and weight loss, and the secret key to it all is not what what you’d expect. Lisa is now a certified health and wellness coach, personal trainer, and soon to be social worker. The People Need to Know: Online Meditation Course By Emily Fletcher, “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero, and Brené Brown’s video on empathy. You can follow Lisa on instagram @schlosfit. You can follow Dream Chasers and Change Makers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, all under the handle @dcandcm.

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Ep 11: A Better Sex Talk w/ Dr. Stephanie Ros

The lack of quality in the sex talk the majority of people get has left so many women seeing sex as function, when at its core, it’s meant to be fun. In this episode, Dr. Ros delves into her journey with maternal fetal medicine, and also provides information about pleasurable sex, myths around pregnancy and birth, and how to educate young people about sex. This is not your mother’s sex talk. The people need to know for this week include: A novel called, “When Breath Becomes Air,” by Paul Kalinithi, The Gypsy Rose Blanchard story, you can learn all about it by watching, “Mommy Dead and Dearest” on HBO, follow it by diving into, “The Act” on Hulu, and the board game, “Ticket to Ride.” You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest at @dcandcm.

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Ep 10: The Fourth Trimester We Don’t Talk About w/ Kelley Fraga

Kelley Fraga was afraid that if she shut her eyes and went to sleep her newborn would die. She went sometime without being able to recognize her irrational thoughts as postpartum depression and anxiety. In this episode, we discuss Kelley’s experience in her fourth trimester, the importance of a support system, mom-shaming, and the lack of access of mental health care for new moms and otherwise. If you or someone you know is struggling during postpartum, or what Kelley refers to as, “the fourth trimester” please check out Postpartum Support International, for resources. The People Need to Know for this episode include: two instagram pages, called 4th Trimester Bodies Project, and Ruby’s Rainbow, Ellen Page’s Viceland docuseries, Gaycation, and Pen15 on Hulu. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, all with the handle @dcandcm. The biggest way you can support us is by leaving a review, if you can, on your podcast app and tell a friend about us!

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Ep 9: Fundi Facts w/ Michael Fundora

Michael Fundora has a degree in environmental science, after graduation his path took unexpected turns. In the episode Michael talks about his identity as a gay man in a Hispanic family, taking risks, and his experience as being a deeply feeling person. He talks about being painted in a one-dimensional light, as good-time party guy. The People Need to Know for this episode include, “Tidying Up,” a book by Marie Kondo, The Broke Millenial’s web-series, and a film called, “Eighth Grade.” If you enjoy the podcast, the greatest support you can give us is writing a review. Thank you!