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Ep 7: We Can All Be Change Makers w/ Kristiana Tarnuzzer

Kristiana spent a lot of her life doing philanthropic work, founding charitable organizations, and being heavily involved in the world of giving back. Becoming a mother, moving with her family across country made living a life dedicated to social good more difficult. She felt confused and frustrated and knew she wasn’t alone, realizing many others may feel stuck when it comes to giving back. As a solution to this problem she founded The Cause Bar, an organization that links people to philanthropic events and socially conscious brands that fit into people’s lifestyle. The People Need to Know for this episode includes: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, a free meditation app called Insight Timer, and a hilarious Instagram page, @NathanWPyleStrangePlanet. Follow us across social media @dcandcm!

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