Dream Chasers and Change Makers | Who We Are

We are a podcast, blog, and community committed to brave, vulnerable truth-telling, hosted by Alé Cardinalle and Betty Carricaburu. It is our core belief that sharing our stories and common experience is a speedway to human connection. Our goal is to remind all that engage with the DC&CM platform that we are not alone. All of us have the capacity to chase our dreams and make change in our lives and the lives of others. We share stories, information, and resources, to help anyone along their journey of discovering their highest self.

Dream Chasers and Change Makers | Alé and Betty

Alé @alexandra_mc88 is a graduate social work student living in New Jersey. Since childhood, she’s been puzzled and intrigued by issues of identity and equity. She has been on so many different journeys in her life. She’s been a (bad) bartender, an advocate for children in the foster care system, an English as Second Language teacher, with a whole lot of mess in between. Her experiences all share a common thread, understanding the self and human connection. Alé believes these themes are intrinsic as an overseas adoptee from Brazil. She is thrilled to be on this journey with her long distance BFF and soul sister, Betty. 

Betty @bettypastelitos is an empowered mama, sister, and entrepreneur living in Miami, Florida. She has always worked to service individuals with special needs, a passion that came from being the sibling of an individual with Down syndrome. She worked as a teacher for the county for a few years in both general and special education settings. Betty is also passionate about people embracing life and chasing their dreams which has led her to a life of creating social media content, radio appearances, different production castings, and now a podcast with her friend who she has known for many many lives, Alé!

Dream Chasers and Change Makers | Podcast


Each episode we hear from people who are doing change making work. Whether that is internally or within communities. We believe that everyone has a story, and we are particularly interested in hearing how people have overcome hardship, struggle, or circumstance to find the peace within themselves to realize their dream, their purpose, and brave a world that can be judgmental, oppressive, and cruel to make true change. Our guests will be diverse in all senses of the word, with varying identities, stories, passions and missions. It is available to stream on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and all other major podcast players!

Dream Chasers and Change Makers | Community

Dream Chasers and Change Makers started as a podcast and quickly expanded into a community! We encourage a brave space where people feel comfortable to be vulnerable and share their experiences, struggles and victories. Anyone and everyone who is picking up what we are putting down can engage with us on InstagramTwitterPinterest, and Facebook, all under the handle @dcandcm.